When you look down at the carpet in your home, what do you see? Do you notice dirt or stains? Maybe you have noticed an odd smell coming from the carpet too. These are all signs that your carpet is in need of a cleaning. One of things that many people do not know is that the fibers within your carpet can hold onto bacteria, allergens, and dirt. Over time, these things may make you feel ill or contaminate the air around you. If you are not sold on the idea that your carpets hang onto bacteria and dirt, just think about what your shoes walk on each day and when you come home, those same shoes walk all over the surface area of your home's floor.

At Carpet and Rug Cleaning Long Island, we offer quick, affordable, and thorough cleaning services to ensure that your home's carpets smell fresh, look clean, and feel soft. It is our mission to provide you with services that put a smile on your face.

If you would like to learn more about how we clean your carpets, take a moment to look below. If you would like to receive a quote to have your carpets cleaned in Long Island, please reach out to our team today at 631-230-0243.

We Offer Premium Carpet Cleaning Services

There are many companies that say they can provide you with an excellent clean for your carpets, but the truth of the matter is, many of the methods used only leave soap residue behind, which then becomes dirty, and leaves your carpets looking worse than they did before.

Our experts use a specialized cleaning process that takes place in your home and targets the dirt and bacteria that is stuck in the fibers of your carpet. Our team will first treat any stains and spots that are present and then use a spray soap over the surface of the carpets. Once the soap has set, our machine will be used to extract the soap.

You will need to allow your carpets a chance to dry before you replace the furniture on them. In addition to our cleaning, we can also add a deodorizer on the carpet to help it smell fresh.

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Your home's carpets provide you with an inviting look and comfort under your feet. A dirty carpet is no fun and can cause your home to smell and look dingy. If you are in need of a good cleaning for your carpets, we are the team to turn to. Our experts focus on customer satisfaction and a clean that can be seen, felt, and smelled.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to Carpet and Rug Cleaning Long Island today at 631-230-0243.